November 02, 2009

Halloween 2009!

Halloween was so much fun this year!  I am not real big on Halloween or dressing up, but having kids has made this holiday so much more fun for me and Jason... and the whole family.
Clark went as Buzz Lightyear, probably his favorite Pixar character.  I was worried he was gonna hate dressing up, but he loved it...and kept looking at himself in the mirror.  I love the way his curls spiral out of his space is to die for.  I know this picture doesn't look like it, but he did have a lot of fun on Halloween night.  He was chasing all the little girls around at the mall, and pretending to fly.
Harry went as the chunkiest little Nemo ever.  He looked so adorable in his costume.  He was probably the hit of the night.  I can even count how many times we got stopped so people could take a picture of him, or pinch his fatty little cheeks.  The best part was when he walked/waddled his little tail in the back flicked back and forth like he was swimming.
Jay went as House.  He has been watching this show a lot lately, with his friends at work.  He worked on his costume for weeks, and tired it on like 30 times, he can be such a girl sometimes :).  He was so excited when people actually recognized who he was (and wanted his picture, ha ha ha) and he even won me a iTunes gift card at his work party, for best costume.
We like to go to the mall for Trick or Treating, cause it is more lit up (and the stores give good coupons and candy).  Clark tends to be a little scared of all the adult costumes and scary stuff of Halloween, so at the mall he feels safer and has more fun.  They got tired of it pretty fast, and only wanted to eat after one round of the stores we went to play and eat CANDY!
Our Family Halloween 2009
Me and my boys.  I couldn't find a costume I liked, that didn't cost $50... so I just pulled out the ever reliable bunny ears.  Clark thought I looked so funny, and kept telling me "uh-oh ears, uh-oh nose", I guess he thought they didn't match?!
Here is our cat-o-lantern :)  We didn't set aside any time to carve pumpkins until Halloween night.  Clark was terrified of it lit up, thanks to the Monsters vs. Aliens Mutant Pumpkins Halloween special.  But I think he turned out pretty cute.  
On another note, I highly recommend Halloween costumes from the Disney Store.  We got our costumes from Disney Store online (on sale even) they are really well made, great materials and comfortable.  Harry's costume was so soft and fit perfectly, and Clark's even had blinking lights that worked.  Super quality and not a bad price, just FYI.   I hope everyone had as much fun on Halloween as we did!  I am really looking forward to next year.  We are working on matching costumes, for the whole family.  It is gonna be awesome ;)


THE ROGERS said...

I loved all your costumes. Bunny ears were very cute, Buzz and nemo were ADORABLE, and House was so original! The mall is a great idea;)

Granny said...

I enjoyed all the Bosko halloween costumes.Clark GG would die for those beautiful curls. Granny was a red hat lady in bib overralls. can you feature that? It was fun! Gramps and I went to a party. Only four of us dressed up. Cloma Jane Anne and I and a lady that dressed like Little red riding hood.

Miken Harding said...

I want Clark's hair...I LOVE IT, who does he get it from? AHHH! Absolutely love the costumes. You look great! Lackland is on the other side of town, 20 minutes or so. That's our hospital! I'm hoping you come...I hope we are sill here.