November 25, 2009

Babe Bruddah

That is what Clark calls Harry, Babe Bruddah.  I love it.  He is not such a baby anymore.  He has gone through another growth spurt, and is now even taller than before and he weighs in at a plumpy 33 pounds (Clark weighs 34).  He loves to run, and uses this as his favorite mode of transportation... he is constantly falling down and running into things, but will get right up and run again anyway.  He loves to play outside, and bolts for the front door whenever it is opened.  He still loves his Backyardigans, and dancing along to the songs.  He is so easy... just happy and playful.  I often feel like he gets over looked, because Clark is so demanding and requires so much extra attention, and Harry is just happy, quiet and so laid back. We are constantly trying to find ways to spend alone time with just Harry.  I love the quiet time I get in the morning before Clark gets up, just me and Baby Bruddah cuddling, singing songs, reading books.  AND, I love love love that he has learned to give kisses, even though it is more of a slobbery head-butt.

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Aunt Jenny said...

HAHAHAHAH slobbery head butt!!This will sound dumb, but I have the same thing with the furry cousins. Murphy (the black male) is SUPER laid back (since he was born) & Buffy's super affectionate & super demanding of attention (she can be a psycho) so I try to make sure I pay extra attention to Murphy. Now I have a VERY spoiled big black dog & decently behaved brown girl.