November 13, 2009

What to do next??

I have reached my limit of patience.  Actually, I am pretty sure that I reached two weeks ago...I am not sure how I keep going, or how Clark is still alive.
For the last six weeks, Clark had taken every opportunity he has to strip off all his clothes and diaper...and do his business on the floor.  And by business, I mean the dreaded pee and poop.  (You may remember that Jason and I gave up our old puppy Roxy for this same reason!)
The pooh/horror stories are unbelievable!  It doesn't matter how close I watch him, he waits until the moment I leave the room, or I am busy with Harry, and off it goes.  It is so disgusting.  The pooh everywhere...the smell, the not knowing for sure where exactly he sat or went in the house.  I doesn't matter how much cleaning supplies I use, the smell is burned in my nose.  The worst are the not so tidy poops, the ones that come the day after a nacho fest or a day of only eating hot dogs.  It seriously makes me want to die.
I know it is time to start potty training, but I have no idea how to go about it.  He doesn't tell me when he has to go, or even that he already did.  He barely communicates at all.  He has NO interest in sitting on the toilet, or the little potty.  He doesn't care about any of it.  I can't get him to focus.  He has seen me and Jason use the bathroom, we have no privacy since he has learned to open doors.  He just doesn't make the connection from what we are doing on the toilet, to what he is doing on the floor, the backyard, his bed, the bath tub, or anywhere else he feels like going.  
We got pull-ups and a little potty for him.  What do I do next?  I have no idea where to start.


Katy said...

My mom used to make us sit on the little toilet by the tub while the water was running before a bath. something about the sound of running water would help us go. She would even sprinkle a little down our backs sometimes. Til he puts two and two together, I've heard that's a good way to get him to figure out the whole sensation of it. I would also try using bribes.

Good luck!!!

THE ROGERS said...

Oh my gosh!!! I feel for you! That is disgusting.. Is Clark 3 yet? I know that the greatest success story's are when you wait till boys are 3. They just get it so much faster. I agree with the bribes. Deprive him of treats and use them to your advantage;) one m&m will go a long way! Ps.I will email you more tips if you want them.

Dan and Sharon said...

Oh my. SO if you want to keep his diaper on, Get duck tape and tape the diaper on then put on a onieses and a over size shirt.

If you are ready to potty train I suggest the book Toilet Training in less then a day.
It might take a week, but it might work. ( the title is so deceiving)

The book has ways to see if your child is ready. I would do this when Jason or a neighbor can watch Harry for the day. If you just have mommy and clark time I know you can do it.
good luck and buy the book, (you will need a doll that goes potty also) that is how the book works, you have clark teach the doll.

hope you no longer have to clean poop up.

Anonymous said...

rub his nose in it thats what papa did to charlie and nicky???? bj

Granny said...

YOU CERTAINLY HAVE YOUR HANDS FULL, I wish I knew of something to help. It has been too many years since I potty trained.

Rachael said...

Keep him in a diaper and just keep onesies on him. We had to do that with Keats. Its not worth training them until they are ready. It will only cause you to resent Clark. Trust me on this. I have been trying to train Gavin and Keaton for 14 months now with no success. It has caused me to blow up at them, get rough with them, and end up making them cry. I wish I would have just started when they were ready. Cause now I have created two monsters that are afraid of pooping in the potty.
I'd say wait until he is 3 1/2. Keaton's 3 1/2 now and we are finally having some success. Don't use pull-ups, its confusing. Just go right to undies. Plan a 2-3 week span where you are home. The first week give him a lot to drink and then set the timer and put him on the potty every 30 minutes. Then give him a treat for sitting, and then an extra treat for pees or poops. Also make a sticker chart. I find that is even more rewarding then candy to my boys.
When it comes to making poops its key to keep them on the potty longer. So read him books or let him play DS or watch a movie. It makes it easier.
Good Luck. I SO don't envy you. Potty training has scarred me.

smiles said...

Books on using the potty would probably help with explaining things to Clark.

Peeing in the potty is the easy way to start with boys. At least Adam was tons easier than Carus and I think that was because he can/could aim...Cheerios (or other things) to aim at in the toilet. Ask daddy show him how fun it can be to sink the cheerio.

With pooping - we did the stickers, pieces of candy, pretty new panties, going to sit on the potty at certain times and after meals, and I think it was just a combination of things and forever that finally worked... Adam magically got it right before Carus was born and Carus magically got it when she started preschool...

but whatever you do - GOOD LUCK!!!!

Laura said...

I agree with BJ even though Charlie still peed on the floor but she was old and blind......I'm sorry though but your blogs always remind me why I NEVER want kids...thank you!! Love you sista!

Aunt Jenny said...

No one tells you how disgusting Motherhood can be do they? Its nice to see so many friends with good advice. Its gotta be better knowing your not the only one.
I'm no help. I laugh. But I guess the best advice you got from your panel of seasoned vets is to wait until he's ready.
Hang in there. This too will pass.

Nat said...

No amount of advice is going to prepare you for potty training. I had to but a potty book, Elmo's potty movie and Treats and Stickers. We are going for the baby that sits on the potty next. You need Patients and Mommy-trainee time. Good luck...I feel your pain and know what you are going through. Lemme know if you need to complain.