September 26, 2011

Clark Talks

After posting something funny that Clark said, on Facebook, a friend of mine said, "Make sure you are writing all these things down so you don't forget". So here I am, hoping to remember to make a post every now and then of Clark's silliness.

A couple weeks ago there was definitely one for the books.  Clark spent the entire evening trying to convince us to put up the "trist-mis tree" so Santa could come.  He was reminding us where we had it up last year, and trying to get me to go in the garage to get it.  Looks like someone is getting present hungry.  I told him we have to have Halloween and Thanksgiving first... to which he replied, "oh, oooooooo kaaaaay Mom".

Lately whenever the door bell rings he thinks it is Baby Sister coming to visit.  He will run to the door, shouting " Baby Sisser is heeeerrrreeee".  It seems he is getting just as anxious as the rest of us, wondering when she is going to get here.  (Obviously this was before Baby Sister was actually here...but now she is.)

Jason thinks it is so funny when Clark, after not getting his way, balls up his little fists and stomps away saying, "I'm So mad".  I think it is bratty, and a little dramatic.... okay, and I guess a little funny too.

Clark loves to pray, at meals and bed time he has to go first.  He prays for everything, what he did that day,  what he wants to do the next day... sometimes he just names the things around the room.  The other night before dinner he was praying, after blessing his friend A-yori (Allori) and making some sort of bargain with God about picking up his toys and playing his video game (it was kinda hard to follow), he prayed for the food, "please bless the water and the ice, but not this yucky dinner".  We were having lasagna.  Apparently he did not like it, haha.  I love listening to him pray.  We don't prompt him as much as we used to, and I love it when he remembers to bless his family and friends.  It is very sweet.

A day or so after we came home from the hospital, with baby sister,  Clark walked in on my breast feeding the baby.  After a little giggle he said, "Oh, is Charlie drinking the water?"  And I said no, its milk.  He thought about it for awhile, giggled again, and then asked me for chocolate milk.


Hoku said...

These made me laugh out loud! You'll be so happy you wrote them down (that was one of the main reasons I started doing my blog). I recently stumbled upon some notes I wrote about when Tamahere was little - I'd completely forgotten the stories - and it put a great big smile on my face.

Hoku said...

PS: The title on my sister Beth's blog is, "The weakest ink is stronger than the best memory."

THE ROGERS said...

April!You had a baby girl!? Where are the pictures???