October 08, 2011

Charlie is here!

Charlotte Lynn Marie
Born September 17, 2011
20 inches, 7.6 lbs

Here is the birthday video that Jason made for Charlotte, as is now tradition in our family.  I can't believe it has taken so long to get anything up online, we have been so busy getting used to having three kids, and having a baby in the house again... it's definitely a big adjustment ;)
She is such a pleasure to have.  I adore her tiny little-ness, and her coos and squeaks.  I forgot how much I love newborns, especially when they are mine.  The birth and delivery went fast and smooth, and is a good story to tell...which I will soon.  Her two middle names are after my sisters and my grandma, Laura Lynn, Emma Marie, and my Granny- Marie Deimler.  I have loved the name Charlotte since I was a young girl and read a book called Charlie, and I am so happy Jason loved the name as much as I did.  She is perfect, and so far really healthy.  I have loved every minute I have spent getting to know her, and these past three weeks have flown by so fast.  The only sad thing about finally having her here is now my baby boys seem so big and old.  I swear Harry aged three years over night, he's not so little anymore.

Charlie is just over a little three weeks old, the time is already slipping through my fingers.  She is growing longer, and plumping up a little.  I am so so sad I haven't taken as many pictures of her as I did with the boys.  I missed a lot of her teeny tiny newborn-ness (it makes me cry just thinking of it -hormones probably- I will never get those days back). 
I am just so happy she is finally here, and I am so glad to have a girl in the house.  She is a blessing.  She is a good baby, sleeps well and eats well, and so far loves me the most :)
I have been truly blessed as a Mother, I am so LUCKY.

Thank you to Jason, for making this sweet video. 
 He is such a good and proud Daddy, and he loves his new little girl.

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Bonnie said...

Congrats, I love the name:) I'm glad things are going well.