January 12, 2012

Remember When....

Remember that one time I had a blog.  And I wrote on it all the time.  And took cute pictures of my sweet babies, and posted them on the blog. 
That was awesome.
Then, remember that other time I had a baby... and everything else in my life went to pot.  
I feel so utterly overwhelmed and behind on everything.  I can't do anything anymore but stay on top of the very essential things, like feeding, and cleaning the kids.  
From driving Harry to therapy three to four times a week, school for the both the boys (at different times during the day), and keeping Charlie plumpy and happy I am spent, physically and emotionally.
No time for reading, working out, quilting, cleaning (up to my standards), taking pictures...or lastly blogging.
I don't know how other people do it.  I am tired all the time.
But rest assured I have a plan.  I am working on getting caught up, and sharing again.

1 comment:

Becca said...

Is there a way you can get the boys in school at the same time to help with some of the trips?

And don't stress so much about deep cleaning, it's okay! Cut it down to basics.

Thinking of you!