September 16, 2011

Back To School Night

Last night was back to school night at the boys school.  I was anxious to go and hear how they were both adjusting.  It has been a hectic two weeks, and I think we are all mostly adjusted to our new schedule, but I wanted to make sure the boys were doing okay at school too.
Clark was so excited to go show me his class, and his teacher.  I was so surprised at how well behaved he was in his class, a totally different Clark.  His teacher, Ms. Molly, said he is good at school (shocking).  He listens, and follows directions very well.  I honestly couldn't believe it.  I can't get him to listen to me at all, and it takes me forever to get him to do the simplest thing at home.  I guess if he is going to be good, and kind, the best place for him to do it is at school.  She also commented on how smart he is.  He can figure things out so fast, and is far above the other kids in his class.  She also doesn't seem to notice any issues with him focusing on things, or paying attention.... something I worry about all the time.  Sometimes I suspect he has ADD, just like his Dad did growing up (Clark and Jason are exactly the same sometimes), but his teacher said she hasn't noticed any red flags yet.  I am so happy he is doing so well... and a little relieved.
Harry's teacher, Ms. Jeni, is the sweetest.  She said Harry has his good days and bad days.  For one day of him being happy and not crying, and even participating a little, there are two or three days of tantrums, and head banging...and him just being miserable.  He seems to be happy on the bus (except for today he was really upset to leave), but as soon as he gets to school he gets upset.  She, Ms. Jeni, is so good with him. I can tell she just wants him to be happy and safe.  She has been trying so many different things with him, and is really getting the other therapists in the school involved.  She has the Occupational Therapist come in every day, to hold him and work with him.  She was telling me how the other day he spent all morning crying, and she was trying a new game with the kids that got Harry to laugh, and that she said was worth it all.  I was so touched, not something I would expect a teacher to say.  I am hoping in a couple more weeks Harry will be used to his new routine, and maybe be on a better sleep schedule.
I am so happy the boys are doing well, or as well as can be expected.  I am so happy with the school, and teachers this year, much more than last year.  Harry's teacher sends me notes home everyday, and I really feel like they care about my whole family.

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Rachael said...

That is so great that they are both adjusting, even if its slow for Harry. I remember talking to Gavin's teachers about how ADHD he is, and they were shocked. He acted so differently at school. As he got older it got worse though, and started showing up at school too. So just watch for that. I know Maddie was the same way. She was great all the way through til 1st grade and then finishing assignments was tough.
It would take Gavin almost a whole month to adjust to preschool every year. We've now got it down to 3 weeks ha! Harry will probably always have a tough time developing new routines. But just watch, soon he will love it and have all good days. I'm so glad he has such a supportive and loving support team. He is going to make so much progress!