September 01, 2011

Baby Sister

Remember that one time I blogged that I was going to have an ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby???  Then I never blogged about it.  
I am so forgetful and lazy, haha.  
Well, the suspense is over, it's a GIRL!
(I am sure most of you know that by now.)
To be honest I wasn't super thrilled about scanning the pictures to download and share, since they weren't very good.  The technician that did my ultrasound was in such a hurry.  But she did get a cute little foot, and a pretty decent profile pic.  I also didn't want to share her crotch shot, but Daddy scanned the pictures (that is also why two are upside down) and I am too tired to figure out how to fix it. 
So, there you go... pictures our our baby girl, only about 16 weeks late.
Today I am exactly 37 weeks.  Technically the baby can come any day now.  Harry came when I was 37 weeks, and 5 days, so maybe she will be a little early too. This baby has been giving me a lot of contractions, or braxton hicks, almost everyday.  In fact the day before the hurricane came I was up all night long with contractions... and if this wasn't my third baby (and I knew better) I would've gone to the hospital a couple of times by now sure she was coming.  Good thing this isn't my first...
She is growing very nicely.  I'm measuring just like I am supposed to, and at every appointment I have they say she has a good strong heart beat.  She feels very long to me, sometimes when she stretches, I can feel her pushing the limits of her little home.  
I am still as moody as ever, she really makes me stress about every little thing... I don't like that.  With the boys I felt more relaxed and happy about everything, with this baby I feel on edge all the time.  Not many weird cravings, except for fast food hamburgers and Mexican food.  I have to get a Sonic or Wendy's hamburger at least 3 or 4 times a week or I feel like I am going to die.  And all I want is Tex-Mex, Mexican food.  I almost cried with the other day when we went up to DC and I got to stop at my two favorite Mexican places, Chevy's and Cafe Rio.  My Cafe Rio salad never, ever, tasted so good.
I haven't gained any weight yet, at all.  Well... I've gained 3 pounds... but if you count the 18+ pounds I lost at the beginning, I am still 15 pounds ahead.  Not bad for my last (well, so far...) pregnancy.  Hopefully by the time she comes I will still be ahead of the curve, and I will weigh less when she is born than when I got pregnant...not very many people can say that.  I am so confused as to why I haven't gained much weight, they assure me she is growing on schedule, and I eat, ALL THE TIME. 
 But I am not going to complain.
Daddy and Clark painting the baby's room.
After 3 coats of paint, and a lot organizing and assembling, the baby's room is done... and it is very girly.
I never really got to decorate a baby room for Clark and Harry, so this was a lot of fun for me.
The room was a baby blue color (painted by the owners before) so it took a lot of paint to cover it.
We went with pale yellow color, like butter.  I love it so much.
She also has her own closet!  Clark and Harry never did, since in Hawaii we only had one closet, haha.
 I loved organizing it and hanging up her dresses and clothes (I know I am a dork).
Babies Room
Baby's crib, and the rocking chair Jason got me for Mother's day.
Babies Room
Guest bed and cute pictures Auntie Carol got for the baby.
I love the way the light looks in the room, so bright and airy.
And it is so fun to have girly things in the house.
(Boy! I am really praying she is still a little girl in there!)
I feel like I am all ready for her to come.  The hospital bag is backed, I have baby-sitters lined up for the boys (God, I hope Harry can handle that!)  The house is as clean as it is ever going to get, with my three messy boys.  And my uterus has had about as much as it can take.  
I just hope she waits for the boys to get started in school next week!
I am so excited to meet her, and hold her, and bring her home.  I am so done being pregnant, all the heart-burn and waddling are wearing me down.  I'm excited to start our new life and routine, and get my body back (and hopefully a healthier body this time around).  
I pray she is healthy, and whole, and strong.
The other day Jason and I were talking baby things, and I was telling him how disconnected I felt with this pregnancy, more so than I did with Clark and Harry.  I don't know if it is because I was so sick at the beginning -and like it or not, I do tend to hold grudges- or if I am so busy and consumed with the boys that I don't think about it as much as I did the first couple times.  It is such a weird feeling.  I've been more overwhelmed with the thought of having three kids, than I have been excited about it.  
But nevertheless, I am dying to meet her!  
Not so excited about the labor and delivery part (since Harry's birth was such a nightmare) 
but I want to see her tiny little face.
It is a good thing we knew and agreed at the right time, that there was another baby waiting for us :)
Harry saying Hi to Baby Sister.
This is a sweet little picture of Harry saying hello to the baby sister.
(Or curious of all that extra blubber on Mommy's tummy.)
Harry has not been too interested in all things baby, and mostly he is annoyed there is less and less room on my lap for him to sit and bounce.  I was glad he took a minute to gently say hello, maybe he knows she is coming.  I hope he is happy to meet her.
Clark, on the other hand, is very excited.  He is always asking me when she is coming, and when we are going to get her.  In fact when we were driving home the other day, from our evacu-cation, he kept saying we were going to get baby sister.  
He talks and sings to my tummy all the time, and he thinks it is hilarious when she moves.
I am excited to introduce her to her big brothers. 
We have already chosen a name, in fact we've had it in the back of our minds for a few years, and even though I am 98% its her name, its hard for me to say for sure...only because there are so many cute girl names I want to use... and most likely this will be our last baby.
Also, I am afraid if I announce the name, more than I already have, 
I will jinx it and she will be a boy, haha.

This will be my last pre-baby blog.  Unless I can get my act together and take some pregnancy photos.
We are ready for her!
Are you????
 I hope we can be a good family for her, and give her all she needs.  
I pray the delivery goes smoothly, and no complications...
and hopefully a good strong epidural :)
Wish us luck!


Hoku said...

What an adorable room and cute blog! Love the underwear shots - my boys STILL like to lounge around in theirs and it's always a frantic dash when someone knocks on the door. I also felt very disconnected on my first pregnancy (maybe because I was so sick, too) and that went on for ten months or so even after Tamahere was born (then there was the added guilt for feeling that way). I realized - only MUCH later because no one talked about it then - that it had turned into post-partum. At least you can be aware and keep your doctor informed IF it turns out to be the case with you... because there are things that help (wish I knew that back then).

Good luck on delivery; you're on the final stretch!!!

Rachael said...

I'm so excited for her to come! I wish I was out there to meet her. I am so jealous of her nursery. Its so beautiful! I didn't even do a nursery for Ollie. I am a bad mom haha. I'm just so excited for you guys. Although I will warn you that three kids is A LOT different then two. Hehe.