September 09, 2011

First Day of School!

We were all very nervous for the first day of school, well everyone but Clark.  I was worried for Harry, and worried Baby Sister would come and I would miss it.  Harry was just plain nervous about everything, it was all too new for him.  And Jason was worried about everyone, but mostly about Harry. The Friday before school started was meet your teacher day; Clark loved his new teacher and classroom and showed off his mad Lego building skills, Harry screamed, tried to bite us and wanted nothing to do with it.  I cried the whole time... not because I didn't want them to go to school, but don't want Harry to miserable and sad all day.  And I didn't want people to be mean to him, or not like him...because he was the bad kid who cries and bites.  Oy! I was a mess.  (Very embarrassing.)
I don't think anyone slept the night before school, well except Clark, he is such a good boy.  
Going to school.
Daddy and Harry. 
 I like this picture, because you can't see or hear how bad Harry was crying.
Sad HarryHarry
So many tears. 
 I think he was mostly just mad to be away from his morning routine.  Things were too new, and Harry has such a hard time with transitions.  Also, I don't think he liked wearing his back-pack.
This is how we had to drop him off.  We just handed him to the teacher, and sort of ran away.
Nothing we could do.
I was sick to my stomach.
Harry was crying, I was crying... and even Clark was crying, 
because he didn't understand that he was going to afternoon school and had to wait a few more hours.  
It was a very stressful morning, poor Jason did a good job holding us altogether.
Clark very smiley and excited for school.  I love his enthusiasm and love of learning.  
He waited all morning by the door, with his back-pack on.  
Jason gave him a watch to keep track of time, and he knew when the little hand got to 11 that it was time to go.  
I'm so proud of him!  I think he is going to get so much from pre-school this year.  He has been learning so much lately, and retains the information better.  His talking has improved a 100 times, and I know the routine of school will only help.  There are still a lot of things he still needs to work on, like being understood when he talks.  His little mind moves so fast I think it is hard for him to get the words out fast enough to keep up, it makes him hard to understand (most of the time).  I also hope he learns how to listen and follow directions better.  We worked on it all summer, but I wasn't very successful.
Hahaha! Fake smile!
This picture makes me laugh so so much.  
For some reason this summer he has forgotten how to smile.  It's always this weird cheesy fake smile.
((This picture reminds me of that episode of Friends when Chandler has to take engagement pictures with Monica and can't smile.))
There is my handsome BIG boy!
Praying for another good year at school.
Clark and Mommy waiting to pick up Harry, and for Clark's turn for school.

The bus system we so messed up the first day, so we opted to just take the boys to school, 
and have them start the bus when things got more organized.
Is that a hint of a smile???  I think so.
The second day of school start out much better than the first.  
He even seemed a little happy waiting for the bus.
Waiting for the bus.
Cute little nugget waiting for his bus.
Watching the bus approach.  He was so curious.
He was tugging on my hand like he was scared and nervous, and I could tell the noise of the bus was really bothering him...  BUT he got on the bus, on his own (mostly) without any crying.  I was afraid he would lose it when I didn't get in the bus with him, but he did a very very well.  And his teacher even told me he wasn't crying when he got off the bus! Succsess!
On the bus.
My big boy on the bus.  Not happy or excited, yet, but we will get there.

We survived the first week of school.
I really like the boys teachers a lot!
Harry's teacher, Ms. Jeni, writes me a note everyday telling me how he did.  
There has been less and less crying and head banging.  She said he likes computer time a lot, 
and doesn't seemed bothered being seat-belted in the chair for circle time.  
Even though it is such a crazy schedule, having the boys coming and going at different times (I see the bus driver 4 times a day!), I like that I get to have alone time with each of them during the day.  It is so good for Clark, and for Harry, to have that one on one time with Mommy,
 and time to de-stress without them bothering each other. 
It is going to be so busy when Baby Sister comes, 
I am glad she let us have the first week to get used to things :)  
But she is welcome to come anytime now.  
((For reals baby, GET OUT!))


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