January 26, 2009

Daddy's Boys

Clark is such a Daddy's boy that I practically don't exist when Jason is around.  So, I've been holding that at least Harry would like me a little more than Daddy...but nope.  They are Daddy's boys all the way.  Clark will follow him all around the house, trying and doing everything he does.  And since Harry is still immobile, he just follows Daddy around with his eyes.  I am out numbered, its them against me.  I guess we are going to have to try for another, hopefully a girl. (Don't worry, we are waiting a couple years first.)


Jenni said...

Yes, you are outnumbered. But hello? Who wouldn't want to be outnumbered with a houseful of cute guys! I cannot get over Clark's curls and Harry's chubs. Seriously, cutest boys ever!

Laura said...

I love my nephew they are the BEST ever not to mention they are so so cute i can't wait for you guys to move back to the main land so we can be closer