January 04, 2009

Christmas Time

This was the first Christmas Jason and I have been home since we were married.  It was so much fun to be able to share our favorite holiday with everyone in our family.  We spent Christmas morning at Jason's parents house, and had a delicious Christmas breakfast.  Denne made these tasty eggs that you boil in a plastic bag (kinda like omelets).  I did not think I was going to like them, but mine turned out so tasty that plan on making more for breakfast!  It was so much fun to watch Clark run around with his cousins and open presents.  Harry got an adorable little Giants hat from Aunt Jenny (THANKS!) and Clark go an Aqua-doodle that he loves to color on (and I enjoy not having to clean up the crayon mess so it is a present for me too).  We made it back to my parents just in time to finish off the smashed potatoes and turkey.  All my brothers and sisters were over, and my Granny and Gramps were still in town.  We were all smooshed in the front room (there was 17 of us), Mom and Papa definitely need to get a bigger house!  It was so much fun opening presents and spending the evening together.  Jason got me a necklace from my favorite jewelry store (Na Hoku), I have been wanting this particular necklace for almost 7 years...I was so surprised and excited I cried a little.  He also got me a perfume sample from Sephora with 10 tiny bottles of perfume, and I get to pick my favorite and then go to the store and exchange for a big bottle....yay so much fun!
The presents were awesome, the food was tasty....but what I loved the very most about Christmas this year was being with my family.  Those are the best gifts of all, sharing the laughs and jokes and memories.  I am so grateful we were able to fly home, and so thankful for everything everybody did to make our trip possible and more enjoyable.  I honestly can't express how much love and gratitude I have in my heart for our families...Jason and I are so lucky.  I made (another) slide show of the days highlights below.  Thanks again for everything (family and friends) we love you so much (yes, that means YOU!)

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Jared Rosenlof said...

Great stuff! Those were cool gifts that your husband got you, the necklace and perfume samples that you get to choose one from. Sweet!