January 22, 2009

Better late, than never..

Happy Birthday Granny Oma!
Actually, my Granny's birthday was in December...but with all the getting ready for Christmas and going home I forgot to make a birthday blog.  I suck!
I love you so much Granny.  I love to come and visit you, and wish we were able to more often.  It was so fun to introduce you to Clark, I loved the way you made him laugh and giggle.  I love going to Friday Taco Night with you at the lodge, and meeting all your cool friends.  I love playing cards with you, and shopping.  I loved that time you took me and Jason to Palomis (Mexico) to eat at The Pink Shop (I wish I had that picture to post but it is on my other computer, stuck in the hard drive) it is one of my favorite times I shared with you...having a little road trip, talking about everything.  You really are so generous and loving towards everyone you meet.  I love you Granny, and thankful that I have you in my life.  I can't wait to introduce you to Harry...and hopefully it won't be too long before we can all come out (2010??).  Happy Birthday, and sorry again I was so forgetful.  I did remember to send something though...so I am not all bad.

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Laura said...

Happy Late Birthday Granny i love you!