May 27, 2011

Busch Gardens

April 30, 2011
Last month Jason got some free tickets, from his work, for us to go to Busch Gardens.
It was the first time me and the boys have gone, and I have to say for someone (like me) who doesn't really like amusement parks, it was pretty fun.  I like how they had something for everyone.
Watching the animal show.
Clark and Daddy watching the animal show.  They had dogs, cats, birds, and even some rats, preforming little tricks.  Clark really loved it.  Ever since we saw the show he talks about dogs and cats, he really wants a "cat-dog".  At first I thought that meant he wanted some kind of cat-dog hybrid, but he finally explained that he really wants "a cat AND a dog, you know Mom, cat-dog".
Clark petting the snake.  He was a little a little nervous at first, but his curiosity won out.
My sweet little cute Harry, giving me a rare smile for the camera.
Harry and I did a lot of standing around, waiting for Daddy and Clark, while they rode the rides.
I don't really like riding rides (and I am pregnant anyway) and Harry was too little for most of them.
He was so good and patient, and I think he enjoyed all the sight seeing, and treat eating.
Clark and Jason
Clark and Jason- They are like two peas in a pod.
Clark was so into riding the rides, all of them.  He was quite heartbroken that he couldn't get on the giant roller coasters.  Jason was so excited to finally have someone to ride the rides with, since I NEVER get on them.
Clark and Daddy
This was Clark's favorite ride.  He was so sad they couldn't go on it over and over.
The boys on the train.
Riding the train around the park.
Dinner for 4??? No wonder we are all so fat.
Dinner for 4???   No wonder we are all so chubby and round.
The food wasn't too bad, for an amusement park, although it was very expensive.

Overall it was a super fun family day.  I would definitely rather go to Busch Gardens, than any of the other parks.

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Trisha said...

Those pictures of Harry are so so cute!