May 27, 2011


Harry playing outside in the puddles.
He sure can be a really happy boy when he wants to be, I love when he shows off his personality.
Lately he likes to line up things, everywhere... it is kinda funny.
Lining up the magnets.
Lining up the magnets on the fridge.  He was really mad he couldn't fit the alien one on the right way,
 he ended up throwing them all on the floor.
Lining up his toys.
Lining up his toy magnets from Nana.
Lining up his stuffed animals.
You can always tell where Harry has been in the house, the evidence is in the lines... of things.
All his animals in a row.
Lining up his books.
Lining up his books.
There is always, always, a line of books somewhere near his room.  
We don't even pick them up anymore.
Lining up the dvds.
Lining up his dvds... and Jason wonders why they don't play without skipping, LOL.

I mentioned this to his therapist the other day, not that I see it as a problem or anything... mostly just curious.  And she said that since Harry has such a hard time processing the things around him, organizing his toys or the little things around the house, helps him make sense of things, and calm him down when maybe he might be feeling stressed or over stimulated.  This might also be the reason he likes books so much, all those letters and words, organized in nice little rows.
Well Harry, whatever works little dude, whatever makes you happy.  
Hopefully someday we can find a way to help him with all his sensory issues, but until then I just want him to be happy, and feel safe and secure in his home.


Katy said...

So cute. I wish Samuel would do something quiet like this when he feels stressed. He just drums. on everything. Harry is such a cutie!

Hoku said...

Love that you got pictures of all his lines. He's such a special little sweetheart!