May 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend April 23-24, 2011
Candy filled eggs!
The Saturday before Easter we had a nice little party, and Easter Egg Hunt, at our house for our friends. But before we could stuff the eggs with candy, and eat the tasty BBQ pork I made, we had to get Harry back from the cops.  Yep, you heard me right.  He ran away again, or rather, this time he was let out the house (by Clark) and wandered down the street.  This is the third time he has wandered off, but by far the scariest, cause we had no idea he was ever gone.  With our guest showing up, and kids running around in the back yard, I had no idea Clark even opened up the front door for Harry.  Luckily people were out and about, and some neighbors got to Harry before he went into the  busy intersection.  Since they didn't know which house Harry came from, they called the cops... and well the cops finally came to us.  I was/am mortified, embarrassed, angry.... and relieved that he was okay, and nothing more serious happened.  The cops were really understanding, once they understood the situation, and the rest of the afternoon went off without a hitch.  The cop did make some ridiculous comment about how Harry didn't recognize him as a police officer and a person of authority, and I laughed and said, "Well, I'm sorry.  But Harry doesn't even really recognize me as his Mother... so I can't really help you there... nor do I care".
Since then Clark has let Harry out the yard one other time, out the side gate I didn't even know he could open.  Harry does pretty well not wandering away, as long as we can keep Clark from letting him out, so we are now locked down like a prison, bolts and locks on everything.  
Everyday I think about how bad both those situations could've ended, someone could've taken Harry, he could've wandered into the busy whole life could've been over in a matter of seconds.  I am thankful someone was watching out for my family, and protecting my child, when I couldn't...or didn't.  We have definitely have learned our lesson.  Also, we are now"that family" on the block, all my neighbors think I am a crap Mom, and talk over the fence to each other about it...ugh, they suck.

Anyway, back to our awesome Easter weekend.  
After a rather tasty lunch, the Dads hid all the eggs around the yard for the kiddies to find.
Harry found a few eggs, but mostly just wanted to open them up and eat the candy inside.
Clark had a lot of fun finding the eggs, but just like Harry, he wanted to open each one to see what was inside before he would go find another one.
Cute little Porter, Clark's best friend.
I'm so glad we have such nice friends, and enough friends to have a fun party for our kids, we are so lucky.  It is so wonderful to live in an area where we really feel like we belong, 
and we have a "far away from home family".
Easter Morning
Clark finding his basket Easter morning.  He was super excited about his Star Wars eggs.
Easter Morning
Harry was only interested in the books in his Easter basket, 
I think it is safe to say he had a pretty good morning.
Clark and Daddy building planes.
Clark was THRILLED to get a little Star Wars Lego kit, to build planes. 
He loved building them with his Dad, he was in heaven.
Reading his books.
Enjoying his book, so serious.
Clark's Star Wars Plane
The finished plane.

I wish I had a nice little picture of us dressed up in our Sunday clothes, but alas my babies do not like looking anywhere near a camera, and I didn't want to be late for church....maybe next year.
Holidays are much more meaningful to me, now that I have a family.  I hope I did a good job teaching and explaining to the boys the real significance of Easter.  I am so thankful for the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, my brother.  And I am thankful for the knowledge and testimony that I have, that my family can be together forever.
I love Easter time!

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Hoku said...

Oh April, there's so much I want to say. First off, my kids have wandered off before without me knowing either. Those dumb neighbors either don't have kids or just won't ADMIT to times they've lost track of them. In La'ie I was visiting my grandma and Tamahere wandered way down the road! A neighbor thought he looked Asian and brought him back, wondering if he was my (Korean) aunty's son. We were so thankful he was safe (I hadn't even realized he was gone). It happens... then we learn... then we get a lot of locks. You're an AMAZING mom who's just HONEST about how imperfect people actually are. That's why people latch to you so easily - WE CAN RELATE, though some idiots are just too embarrassed to say so. Forget your dumb, fake-y neighbors. Us REAL people think you're incredible... and hilarious!!!

PS: All the pictures I have of my family all dressed up are FORCED - looking or not I'm gonna do it. We usually try to get it done right after sacrament meeting (we get everyone's clothes back on then head outside). That's my tip (so you're not so rushed). Amen. ;)