May 31, 2011

An early start on summer.

We still have two weeks of school left here,
but we are getting an early start on all the summer fun anyway.
Clark, Porter and Kylie
Building "sand tassels" at the beach.
I let Clark skip school for this beach day.  He had been talking about building sand castles with his friend Porter for days, I didn't have the heart to send him to school.
We tried a new beach, away from the ocean front with all the tourists and hotels, it was much nicer...
although the water was a little more brown than we are used to ;)
(I am such a beach snob.)
Harry the beach bum.
My little beach bum.
Harry likes to get nice and toasty hot before he is ready to venture into the water.
While Daddy was away in Colorado, for work, I took the boys to the park, a lot.
Harry still loves swinging in the baby swings, although he can hardly fit in them anymore.
It takes two people to get him out of the seat, or at least one person with longer arms than mine.
Clark testing out the climbing wall.
The Boys
A rare shot of the boys actually playing together,
it didn't last very long.
Clark and Harry
I don't know why, but my boys are determined to NEVER give me a nice picture of them together.
This was the best shot out of 50, honestly.
If I can get Harry to sit still and look, Clark insists on being a punk.  If Clark is being smiley and cute, Harry is off in lala land looking everywhere besides the camera.
I just can't win.
Clark and Harry
Here was another try.
They did have fun running and playing on the pier, even if i didn't get a picture to prove it.
Clark, trying to explain to me why he NEEDS to go fishing.
The pier we were on had a special spot reserved for the fishermen, and Clark just had to go there.
Maybe next time...
Clark and HarryClark and Harry
The boys swimming in their little outside pool.
We probably go swimming everyday now.
Its nice to have the nice warm weather back.  I don't know what I was thinking when I used to say I hated summer time, I was obviously crazy.  It's so much nicer to be able to be outside, rather than cooped up in the house.  I'm looking forward to school being out for a couple months, and all the fun things we have planned this summer.

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