May 01, 2011

The One That Might Be A Girl

These ultrasound pictures are from March when I was about 13 weeks along.
(I've been so lazy in getting things scanned and on the computer.)
The doctor had been a little worried that I was so sick, and wanted to check things out.
I was just excited to get an unplanned ultrasound, and see my tiny little baby.
 The doctor said everything looks great, and in all the right places.
Strong healthy heartbeat, and very long legs.
She commented several times about how long SHE looked.
"Yes" she said, "it looks like a girl to me".
When I didn't immediately get excited (she knew we wanted a girl).  She continued to try and convince me, see this, and this, and then the 'I've been doing this a long time sweetheart, I know' speech.
She was very optimistic about it.  And I left being just as excited.
Whether it is a girl or not we won't be sure until, TOMORROW.
But this pregnancy has been so very different from both of the boys, I can't help but agree with the doc.
I've been much more weepy and moody.  Almost everything makes me cry.
I never cried with the boys, at least not often...but I was very crabby and bitchy.
I've been craving the weirdest things, like candy.
I never eat candy.  I like a small piece of chocolate now and then, but not candy.
All I want to eat some days is Gummy Bears, and Smarties.
I haven't been growing as fast as I did with the boys either.  I still feel like I don't have a tummy at all, and I'm sure I won't "pop" until next month.  I haven't felt the baby kick yet, when I was pregnant with Harry he was already jumping on my bladder at this point.
Some days I don't even feel pregnant.  I don't know if it is because I was so sick at the beginning, and I am having a harder time bonding with the baby... or the fact that it is actually a baby, and not a parasite trying to kill me.  I just feel so different.
So, maybe, just maybe this might be a little girl.
It is what we have suspected from the beginning, I'm just too afraid to get my hopes up.

I just pray all is well, and the babe is healthy. We are all very excited to find out what the sex is.
Clark said he wants a baby sister.  In fact he has been calling the baby a sister from day one... without any prompting from me or Jason.
Until tomorrow...

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Aunt Pam said...

I'm going to stay glued to my computer tomorrow until you update us on the sex. We are all pulling for a girl! Love you.