April 12, 2011

Weekend With The Pomer-roos.

That's not really their name... but its how Clark says it.
Our super awesome friends came down for the weekend (last month), 
so Sharon could run her race. 8k!  
I was supposed to run with her, but someone had to go and get knocked up.
Go Sharon!
Way to go Sharon!!  Definitely inspired me to want to start training again... next year.
The Kids
After Sharon's race, the kiddies got to play on the beach for a little while.
I'm so glad the weather cooperated, just a little chilly and overcast.
Sweet little Meg :)
VA Beach
Virginia Beach is not all that bad,
when you don't see all the ugly hotels, and there is not hundred people around.
Our time on the west coast, and in Hawaii, certainly turned me into a HUGE beach snob.
But I am still so thankful that I get to live near the beach, it makes me so happy.
The always thoughtful, and quiet Harry.
Try as I may, there was no way I could get him to smile.
Silly Clark
The always crazy, and silly Clark.
The boys were so happy to play on the beach, Clark misses the waves and playing in the surf.
We are looking forward to summer, so much!

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