April 02, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Clark!

Hey Clark, you got a little something on your face....
Hey Clark, you got a little something on your face.
Clark's birthday was over a month ago, but since I was so sick I never got around to doing my annual happy birthday blog.  I feel sad I hardly took any pictures on his birthday, but we did have a nice little  celebration.  The day of his birthday we went out to dinner, and played some arcade games.  Then we stayed up super late eating ice cream and watching Star Wars.  The next day we took him to Toys R Us to choose his birthday presents, and spend some of his birthday money.  All he wanted was a new Lego Indiana Jones video game, we ended up buying him a new train table as well (his old one was broken, and too big for their room).  He also spent some of his birthday money getting some new Star Wars movies.  I was kind of surprised by the gifts he choose to get himself, I was sure he was going to want a hundred trains or a new light saber.
Clark is so silly.
Clark really has such a great personality, he is growing into himself, and his sense of humor, more and more everyday.  He surprises me daily with new things he is saying or learning to do.  He loves going to school so much.  We have him going to pre-school at the local elementary school near our house, and we took him out of head start (both classes were just too much for him, and me).  He is so happy to get up everyday and go to school, and when he gets home he loves to show me any papers he made.  He has been learning about farms at school, and farm animals, he loves to sing Old McDonald Has A Farm, and he tells me all about the animals.  He goes to bed at night much easier than he used to, once we figured out he was afraid of the dark.  For months he would cry every night when it was time for bed, cry for hours, then finally one night he asked us to turn the light on and it clicked... now he goes right to bed, and I get to save myself one giant headache.  I am so thankful, and very proud of him, that he talks more... I love to hear him say his little prayers, and sing a song, or even just ask me for something.
Excited to blow out the candles, nervous for the fire.
Clark a little overwhelmed with his birthday cake, and candles on fire.
The weekend after his birthday we had Clark's best friend Porter, and his family, over for cake and ice cream.  Clark loves his friend so much, I think it is so sweet that he calls him MY Porter... not just any ones Porter, Clark's.  He is such a happy and social little boy, he makes friends where ever he goes.  He is always ready for a party and a good time.  He gets excited anytime the door bell rings, so sure that someone has come over to play with him.  I love that about him, so carefree and happy, so full of life.  I can't help but smile whenever I am around... unless he is being mischievous and naughty, which he is a lot as well, but always in good fun.
Make a wish.
Clark blowing out his birthday candles.
Clark loved his (very small and low key) Star Wars party.
To my Clark,
Happy 4th birthday son.  I am so happy you were born, I am so happy you are MY Clark.  I couldn't live without you, and your laughter and bright shining face.  I love how happy you are to go to church, and sing songs about Jesus... please don't ever grow out of that.  I love that you love to eat ketchup sandwiches, even though they are really really gross.  I love watching Star Wars with you, and listening to you try to sing along to the music.  I feel like you grew up so much this year.  You experienced your first move (and probably not your last), your first real winter, going to school, and making new friends.  You are so brave, and confident.  I love when you say "thank you Mommy" and "I love you too".
Sometimes it is sad watching you grow up, and become less dependent on me, knowing that someday you won't need me at all... or *gasp* even like me very much.
Just you remember you will always be my baby, always.
Love Mommy.

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Happy Birthday Tuna!! We love you!