April 04, 2011

Being Dr. Jones

Clark loves Indiana Jones. 
A few weeks ago Jason found this old hat in the garage, from his mission, and gave it to Clark.
The first thing Clark said was, "Oh! Dr. Jones hat. Thanks Daddy, thank you so much".  It was pretty sweet.  He loves dressing up as Dr. Jones, with this hat and one of Jason's belts used as a whip.
He has the best little imagination.
I'm not too sure when his Indiana Jones obsession started, or why he calls him Dr. Jones instead of Indiana, but most days it is all he can talk about.  I think it is because he loves the Indiana Jones Lego games (for the Wii), he begs to play them everyday, all day long.  We've let him watch a couple of the movies, only certain parts -cause he is still too young for them, and he loves every minute of it.  We had a Indiana Jones marathon night a few weeks ago, and it was so much fun, he had the best time and was much too excited to go to bed that night.
He wears his hat to church, out to dinner, and even in the bath (that didn't end to well, and now the hat has a sad, weird shape to it).  He thinks any guy he sees wearing a hat is Dr. Jones.  He pretends to be scared of snakes, and he is always looking for a treasure.  Sometimes when we play Indiana Jones he calls me Marion, Marion is apparently his favorite girl :)  I think it is so sweet.
I love this fun stage with Clark and the imagination he has.

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