February 06, 2010

Lost at Sunset

Every weekend in Waikiki they have Sunset on the Beach, where they show movies on a giant movie screen, it is always a lot of fun. I love going, a perfect night combining two of favorite things, movies/tv and the beach!
Last weekend as a special treat the producers of Lost (one of my favorite shows ever) showed the season premier, 3 days before the rest of the world! We left as early as we could, and headed downtown. I have never seen the beach so packed, it took forever for us to work through the crowds. We did managed to see a couple of the shows stars (I am still blushing and grinning from seeing Josh Holloway) and grab some t-shirts for the whole family. Since we couldn't camp out all day (grrr... kids, this was one of the very FEW times I was wishing we didn't have any or at least could find a BABYSITTER) we had no seats. Jason took the boys to McDonald's, while I tried to find a spot where I could see, and watch my show in peace. I finally found one, only minorly obstructed by palm trees. It was worth it, the show was amazing and mind blowing as always, and I was so glad we got to go. A fun family night, and a great memory to take with is when we leave Hawaii.

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Andrea said...

i love going to movies in the park, usually they are kid movies. boo............

but movies at the beach sound even better. and actual adult ones lucky girl