February 17, 2010

Its the little things.

My littlest Harry.
Its the little things that make me love you.
The smiles when I am grumpy, and kisses when I am tired.
Your sweet nature, and how you rarely get mad.
Your beautiful blue eyes,with that small secret ring of light brown right in the middle.

I love to watch you enjoy the little things in life,
bath time, dinner time, nap time (yes it's true, you love taking naps)
chase the pig around the yard-beating her with a stick time :)
I LOVE your bed head in the morning,
and how happy you are when you wake up, bouncing and jumping in your crib.
I love the little dance of excitement you do, while I make your morning bottle.
I love how you snuggle your favorite blankey, and cuddle up to me while we watch our morning cartoons, all warm and comfy.
I LOVE your funny new straw obsession!
Which, lets be honest, is MUCH more sanitary than your stick and leave fetish.
You are such a cutie!

1 comment:

Rachael Grotegut said...

Such a gorgeous boy! Keaton used to love naps too. He'd get all giddy when it was time to sleep. He'd get all his blankies and snug up with them.
I am going to miss Harry's leaf phase :(