February 28, 2010

Tsunami Party

Today we woke up to sirens!
While Jason took calls from his co-workers, I watched the news.
Due to a devastating earthquake in Chile, Hawaii was on full alert,
We had a brief conversation whether to stay home, or to go to higher ground. Staying at home won out, considering we already live on a little hill, and across the street from us is a bigger hill that would protect us from any swells. Also, I didn't feel like packing up the car, and dragging the kids around ALL day. I felt safe here, so we stayed.
We already had our 72 hour kits and enough water, and emergency items to last a couple weeks, but Jason went to the store anyway to stock up on junk food...or as he likes to call it the bare essentials.

We waited, and waited, expecting something along the lines of this...
Instead we got this...
The water levels went up and down for a few hours, mostly on the shorelines, and in the bay. But there was NO flooding, no power issues, and no injuries. What a blessing! In fact I think the only incident there was to report was the arrest of some idiot, breaking into homes that had been evacuated. There wasn't the usual tale-tell sign of a giant crashing wave, but it was still considered a tsunami, and I am happy with the way the authorities handled the situation. It is better to be safe (and PREPARED) than sorry.
We survived our first tsunami, and hopefully our last.
We spent the day relaxing (some of us still recovering from the flu the swept through our house earlier this week) and playing together as a family. A pretty good day, considering how it started.
All is well.

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Miken Harding said...

Way to be prepared! Junk food is a must, those are stressful times and you need to be stocked up:) Glad it was a little one. Man I wish I could go there-it's on my dream sheet someday!