February 25, 2010

Brrrr, its cold.

Snuggled up with their blankies, and footie pjs...watching Toy Story.
It was so cold last week...
(I know, cold??? You live in HAWAII! How can it be cold? But it really was chilly, really. You don't believe me do you? You are laughing at me aren't you.)
It was getting down to 68 degrees, with a lot of wind (so it felt colder than it really was) and it was rainy....brrrr!
I am not complaining, really.
Rather just stating that, YES, we have in fact been spoiled by this beautiful weather and state. I remember when we first moved here, laughing my head off at my neighbors, and people out in public, when they would wear jackets in 70 degree weather. I was pregnant at the time, and thought it was hot ALL THE TIME. Now, we are those people, fighting over the blankets at night, and turning off the fans (for the first time in months).
Let me tell you, footie pjs freak Harry out, he spends the whole time he is wearing them trying to get them off his feet. And Clark doesn't get long sleeves, he makes me roll them up, and says 'uh-oh' whenever they are left long. What are my kids going to do when we move to CA, in the winter, when it is actually REALLY cold.
They, WE, are in for a shock.


Emma and Cody said...

Boohoo I feel so bad for you guys. I am praying that I wake up one day and it is 68. So far God hates me and the temperature keeps going down. My hell won't be hot and on fire, it will be freezing cold with stupid snow every where!

Anonymous said...

Shock aint the word.

Dan and Sharon said...

oh I remember that. The other day it was 50 so I didn't wear a jacket. (opposite hehehe.) But I did have a thought of going to Hawaii with all this crazy snow. But I really don't think I could handle the flight with the crazy girls. Good Luck with the cold weather.