February 18, 2010

Children's Museum

Over the weekend, we got the chance to visit the Children's Museum again.
The boys really love going.
It is a nice break from our routine, and I don't have to clean up any of the messes :)
They even played together this time, a little.
We really need to get one of these toys for the house, they love them so much.
Unfortunately, it didn't last long and we spent the rest of the time trying to chase them down, both of them always going in different directions.
Daddy and Harry had some construction and building time.
Harry had a grand time trying to figure out how to get those long rubber blocks all the way into his mouth.
Harry even found another chubby little baby to play with.
He kept on licking and kissing the mirror, ew.
Clark was pretending to be a Postman, and was writing and sending out letters.
There are hardly any pictures of Clark, because he never was still long enough to take one, he was always running to the next project or toy.
Harry, we don't drive with our feet...
He also had fun licking and tasting this wheel, ew. I am expecting him to get a cold any day now.
We finished the afternoon with a nice long walk along the ocean, watching the surfers.
Clark was dying to jump into the water.
I am so glad we found a nice person to take a family picture for us!
There is hardly ever pictures of all 4 of us together.
(Me and Harry are always making the weirdest faces, we are not very photogenic I guess.)
A lovely family day!

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Rachael Grotegut said...

Very interesting. I agree with you on this one.