February 12, 2010

He's a little run away.

Oh, he's a little runway (I am singing this in my Bon Jovi voice :P)
Clark's new thing lately is to run away.
He climbs over the fence, so fast I can hardly believe it, and takes off up and down the neighbors driveway, into their patio, garage, anywhere we can't find him.
It is maddening, and it is SO SCARY!
He has broken into both of my neighbor's houses (SO embarrassing), and he has even ventured down to the street. We live on a very busy street, right by a corner that cars like to take at 30 mph...it can be terrifying for me, not to mention a little toddler. (We live on a little hill, so there is a long drive-way down before he gets to the street.) This last week we finally got new child locks on the front and back door, that he thankfully hasn't managed to figure out yet, (yay, I can finally go to the bathroom now without taking him with me). Even when we play outside we have to keep BOTH eyes on him, ALL OF THE TIME, or he will take off. It is so fast, so so fast. It makes taking the boys outside to play a chore, because of-course Clark and Harry never want to go or do the same things. When he runs away we put him in time out, and we don't let him outside for the rest of the day (more of a punishment for me), and I try to explain to him how scary and wrong it is.
I think tonight when he ran away, he finally started to get . His Dad was home and playing with him outside, and he took off for a whole 10 heart stopping minutes (I honestly don't think he could find his way back into the yard) we couldn't find him anywhere. We were starting to get the neighbors involved, when we finally found him. He looked relieved and didn't even try to run farther away when I went to get his hand, he was so extra sweet and good. He was talking the best I have ever heard him talk, even being nice to Harry. I think even he got a little scared this time.
I hope he learned his lesson.


Rachael Grotegut said...

I hope he learned his lesson! How scary! Gavin was my runner. I couldn't take him to the park because he'd run away and never look back. It would make me crazy. One day he was finally scared of my threats and decided to stay close. He still loves to go out the front door and go on "adventures" as he calls them. He did it every day last summer and drove me insane.

Becca said...

Absolutely scary! Hopefully he did learn his lesson!