February 21, 2010

Compulsively Readable!

The Hunger Games and Catching Fire
by Suzanne Collins


I have been hearing about these books for awhile, so I decided to finally give them a read. My expectations were already high, with all the praise they've been getting, they not only met and delighted my expectations, but surpassed them!
If I was going to write a book, if I could write a book...I would want it to be just like these.
Compulsively readable, thrilling, clever, thoughtful, moving, dangerous, and just an utter delight to read. Probably my favorite thing I have read, so far this year. I finished both book this weekend, and Sunday is only half over for me :)
And I am just going to put this out there, I liked them more than Twilight (shock and awe, not that Twilight was ever my favorite book or anything...I hold that place dear in my heart with the Harry Potters and the Outlander series, but these were so so great, right up there near the top).
The Hunger Games takes place in Panem, a place that used to be North America before the wars destroyed it. Panem is made up of a very rich Capitol, surrounded by 12 poorer slave type districts. As punishment for a previous rebellion 75 years ago, the Capitol requires that the districts provide one boy and one girl tribute, between the ages of 12-18, to fight in the yearly Hunger Games. The televised event follows these tributes as they fight for survival and to the death, until one person is left standing. Little does the Capitol know that this year, one of the players will (whether she knows it or not) defy the Capitol, and start the seeds for another rebellion.
I am so glad I finally decided to read them, and now I am dying until the third one comes out...what a cliffhanger!


Jen said...

I always read your reviews cos I'm always looking for something new to read. These look interesting & I will e picking them up this afternoon.

Jenni said...

Yep I agree with you 100%!! I loved these books and I am dying to find out what happens in the third book! Way better then Twilight too---I can't imagine how they'd make this into a movie though----kids slaughtering each other? Not so much.

Jen said...

Ok! I picked these up for for my trip. I never comment but I really appreciate your reviews. I'm always looking for something to read