February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Clark, You Are 3!

My little man is 3!! 3 whole years. I can't believe we've made it this far.
This has been such an amazing year for you, Clark. You accomplished so many milestones, some we have been waiting and waiting for...like FINALLY TALKING!
I love all the things you can say now, nothing gives me greater joy. It seems like everyday you have a new word. You just learned how to say chocolate, and it sounds so cute coming out of your mouth "cha-lot" you even say with this funny little accent. My most favorite thing you say is "so funny", everything is so funny to you, when someone passes gas, when Daddy trips, when Mahi tickles you, and your funny tv shows. I immediately get a smile on my face whenever you declare something is, SO FUNNY. Some of my other favorite things you say are; A-E (which is Harry), er are you-oh deres a mahi (you walk around the house looking for me a lot), mic-hee (Mickey Mouse), and you always like to ask us if we need a hug, "nee a hug mahi" so so sweet. You are getting better at following instructions, and paying attention. Your favorite things are, shapes (especially circles), drawing, and numbers, you love the number 4, and you like to count everything. You love to watch Mickey Mouse and Tom and Jerry. And your favorite foods are Ramen noodles (you call them noos), french fries and cookies...but not cookies Mommy makes, only store bought cookies. You like to stay up late reading and coloring, and sleep in, in the morning.
You are so curious, and energetic... so FULL OF LIFE.

It has been so fun watching you grow up. I don't want to forget anything!!
You have been a joy and a wonder.
Like in, I "wonder" how I have survived your shenanigans :)
I have loved your curly hair, absolutely angelic...
even if you're not so angelic :)
This taken was last summer, 2009. You are always ready for a GOOD TIME.
And so creative too, you set up this little pool all by yourself.
On your second birthday, February 2009.
Look how much you have grown in a year.
You are about 17 months old here, June 2008.
You would LIVE outside if you could.
You love nothing more than to explore and play outside in the dirt.
Look how cute you are chillin' out in the hammock, this was right before your first Christmas, 2007.
Delightful little baby Tuna.
I miss the days when you were a snugly little baby, so playful and fun.
I miss your blue eyes. They started fading after your first birthday, they are a cool greenish-brown now.
These two pictures are probably my favorite baby pictures of you!
I love you so much, and I am so thankful to God, everyday, you were sent to our family.
We couldn't live without you.
You 3rd birthday celebrations...
Your yummy yummy, Butterfinger Cake. You were thrilled with the trains :)
I was going to start our new family tradition of making homemade ice cream (like I did when I was a kid growing up) on our birthdays, but we ran out of time this year.
You and Daddy choose to go to Dave and Busters for your birthday party.
You love playing arcades, and they have the tastiest food,
definitely one of your favorite places to go.
Skee Ball is one of your favorite arcade games.
You were surprisingly good at making baskets, I think you even got two!
It was so cute when you would play the games that required tokens, you kept asking me for 'mon-hee'.
Blowing out your birthday candles! Probably your favorite part of the day, right after the games, you love fire.
It was such a fun fun day, I know you enjoyed yourself cause you kept on giving me and Daddy unexpected hugs and kisses.
Happy Happy Birthday my little man!
Looking forward to our next year together xoxo


Aunt Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Clark! Such a beautiful little guy! He gets more & more handsom every day! Amazing how much he's changed over these three years. I cant wait to meet him!
Thanks for sharing Momma. For those of us who dont get to see him your chronicles mean so much!

Rachael Grotegut said...

Happy Birthday Tuna Fish on crackers! I lub ya so much! I just can't believe he is 3. I remember the morning Jay called us to say he was born :). I always knew you would make the best Mom April. Clark and Harry are so lucky to have you!