February 10, 2010

It's all for the economy Mom.

Last week it was Harry eating my laptop cord,
which resulted in me having a panic attack that my computer was broken and all my pictures GONE.
$125 later everything is fixed and my are pictures are safe.
This week it is Clark deciding that my cell phone needed a bath...
Good thing I bought the insurance for my phone, and it is only going to be $50 to replace.
(Strike that, maybe $90...ouch!)
Add in the clothes Clark all of the sudden decided to grow out of,
Harry's new obsession with ripping, and eating my books (that I haven't even read yet),
the vacuum Clark broke,
the $30 we had to spend on new bolts and locks to keep Clark from running away
(yes, you read that right),
the shoes we have to keep buying Harry cause his feet are just too darned fat,
and ALL the massive amounts of food they eat...

It's a miracle we can even stay ahead.


Andrea said...

lol this sounds like me, i keep telling my mom my boys are going to send me into bankruptcy,

we now have to buy a new couch, the boys broke the leg off,
the screw that was holdoing the leg in has bust in half so we cant fix it again, now its replacement time.

boys, thats all i can say.

Aunt Jenny said...

Dont know how you do it. Guess thats why they're so incredibly cute...so you dont harm them. Hang in there Momma...someday you'll look back & laugh...someday. You hear Jay's Mom talking about surviving the Jay & Bek show...

Rachael Grotegut said...

Oh didn't they tell you that you need to be independently wealthy before having kids?