February 12, 2010

Clean up!

I have been trying to teach Clark how to clean up his own messes, which can be MANY.
The only problem is...
So, instead of it being a punishment to sweep up the oatmeal he spilled all over the floor,
(I think on purpose)
or the crackers he smashed into the carpet,
or the noodles he threw into Harry's bed,
or the cookie he rubbed into the couch,
or the chocolate milk he spit on the wall,
(because brown spit looks cool on a white wall, I know because he said 'coo Mahi')
he thinks it is a treat.
And I suspect him doing most of these things on purpose so I will give him the little vacuum.
I guess it is time for Clark to start having his own little chores.


Rachael Grotegut said...

And he actually listens and cleans? Gavin runs away and screams "I QUIT! I QUIT THIS LIFE!". Then he lays on his bed yelling at me for an hour.

Rachael Grotegut said...

Gavin was reading what I wrote and he wanted me to tell you that he is not going to do that anymore. He says he will help me clean from now on hahahaha.

Becca said...

Rachel, you told on him! hhahahah

April, eventually he will get that it is not fun to clean. Until then, built in maid!