February 17, 2010

I'm a bad Mom, I know...

Clark's morning Dew.
I know I am a bad Mom...
I let my kids have way too much soda, and junk food.
(We had cake and ice cream for dinner last night)
They watch hours of tv.
I buy them whatever toys they want in the toy store (well, within reason).
I don't make them go to bed on time, and we sleep in so late.
I don't give them timeouts often enough,
and they never say please or thank-you.
I do, love love love love them to pieces!
Just FYI, this is NOT normal. By chance I had one of these little cans of soda in my fridge,
(I don't even drink soda anymore, so it must have been old)
Clark found it for breakfast, and just had to have it.
And, I let him.

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