January 31, 2010


Rebecca by Daphine Du Mauier


I liked this book a lot. It was slow going at first, but so descriptive and intriguing it was hard to put down. The more I read, the more suspenseful it got. Mysterious and beautifully written.
I am at a loss at how to explain this book. The main female character, whose name is actually never given, is trying to settle into her newly married life. Fighting with the memory and ghost of her new husband 's , first wife, Rebecca. She thinks that the distance and unrest in their relationship is due to his love for Rebecca, little does she know there is much more. There is also creepy house keeper, whose undying affection for the deceased Rebecca, causes our heroine constant anxiety. The ending was a bit sudden, but a good twist and fitting ending to the book.
I am looking forward to reading another one of Daphine's books.


Jenni said...

I really liked Rebecca!

Have you read The Thirteenth Tale? (It's my choice for my book group.) Now THAT was a fun book!

Sarah said...

I admire you. I tried, I just didn't have time to get through it all.

Sarah said...

So, I tried to leave this comment on your weight-loss blog, but for some reason it wouldn't let me. Hope you don't mind: Ideas for late-night snacks

There is a Progresso Veggie and pasta soup that is endorsed by weight watchers, and it's 0 points per serving. That means that, basically, the amount of fiber balances out the amount of calories and fat--it's like a free food. I also like to eat strawberries--you can eat like a cup and a half for for 1 point, which is about the equivelent of 50-60 calories. Put some sugar-free chocolate sauce on the top--YUM. Or the 98% ff microwave popcorn--whole bag for 3 points, or about 100 - 200 calories. Sometimes you just need to eat something.

Miken Harding said...

I'll have to read it. I'm reading Dear John, pretty good. Have you read the Hunger Games yet? Congrats on your orders! You'll love it, I hear it's beautiful. Yeah for living closer to Utah. I wish we could have seen you before you and I both leave. Maybe I can pull some strings! Who knows

April said...

I did read Thriteenth Tale Jenni, I LOVED it.

And Miken, I got Hunger Games on my shelf...it is next one my list :) I actually read Dear John a few years ago, one of the few Nicholas Sparks books I did not like.

And thanks for the awesome suggestions Sarah, great ideas!!