January 25, 2010

At the beach.

After picking Jason up from work on Friday, we decided to make an impromptu stop at the beach. Clark was so excited, he couldn't get out of his car seat fast enough, he was squealing with joy 'water water water'.
Without a doubt my boys are the happiest at the beach!
Clark likes to run and run and run.
Seriously, he doesn't stop running in and out of the water.
Harry likes to find a little shallow part to play in, collecting rocks and tasting as much sand as he can.
Yep, Clark is still running.
We were at the beach for a couple hours and he didn't stop running the entire time. I love to watch him. I could use a little of his energy. But, I am more like Harry... happy in a comfy spot, just taking it all in.
They were so sad to go home, Clark cried the whole way. I don't know what we are going to do when we move, and we aren't 10 minutes from a beach, with year around swimming weather. Awe, we love ya Hawaii!


Rachael said...

I am forever jealous of you guys. My poor kids have been cooped up inside playing video games all month. Oh how I miss warm weather.
Also I have to say you are totally rocking your camera! If you ever want to learn some photoshopping techniques let me know (well actually I don't use PS I use PSP cause its were I learned). You have great exposure in all your photos. You rock!

Aunt Jenny said...

I aggree with Rachael. You take great pics. Every single one is suitable for framing. Man your boys are beautiful.

Laura said...

I love these pictures and the ones of the Tuna running are so cute!!