January 20, 2010

Hand-me downs.

Do you ever wonder what Clark would look like if he was a girl?
I finally found a use for all my old t-shirts, that (lets be real) I am never gonna fit in again. They make great pajama shirts, although a little less pink on Clark would make Jason happier.


Allyson said...

Awesome! At least now you know when you have a girl she'll be adorable!

-this is Jenni, signed in under Ally's name :)

Karen said...

Oh my gosh too cute.

If you're looking for hand-me-downs (from someone other than mom ;-) you might be interested in thredUP kids! It's an online kids clothing exchange community for moms. Launching in Feb, the site allows you to swap clothes that no longer fit your kid for stylish items that will. Sign up here for a change to swap your first box for free: http://bit.ly/6LHMs5


Laura said...

What a cute little girl the tuna makes!