January 11, 2010

Congrats Cody and Joelle!

Cody and Joelle DEIMLER
I think they are absolutely adorable together, perfect!

Last month my little brother, the last of my brothers and sisters, got married!! Unfortunately I wasn't able to go (stupid airlines lines and their ridiculous prices), but my Gramps sent me a flash drive full of pictures and the days events (awe, isn't he the BEST). I almost felt like I was there. Cody and Joelle have been dating for years, and I am so happy they finally sealed the deal :) She makes a wonderful addition to our family, and I love the way she makes my brother happy.
Since I couldn't be there Laura video messaged me all day long, here she is walking 'me' through the line. Cody and Joelle even hugged the camera, ha ha ha. I love that they took time out of their day to make me feel like I was apart of things, I sure miss them.
Here are ALL my brothers and sisters, and one tiny niece. We are all married now. I think the only thing missing from this picture (besides the Boskos) is MORE babies. I can't wait for Cody and Joelle's little red headed babies!
The Deimler, Williams, and Pace Family. What a good lookin' bunch.
Cody and Joelle with Granny and Gramps Deimler.

Pictures courtesy of Gramps (Bill) Deimler!!! Thanks for sending them to me.


Katy said...

Wow, cute couple. The bride didn't by chance go to Pleasant Grove High School and graduate in '06 did she? She looks awfully familiar

April said...

YES! Her maiden name is Carter. She is the best I think, love her.