January 22, 2010

One Crazy Clark

The other night Clark felt like putting on his floaties while he watched tv... um alrighty then.
I think I am going to change your name to Gigantor, you are getting so tall.
I can't believe how fast you are growing up, right before my eyes. Last night, as I watched you sleep, thankful you were STILL and QUIET for once, I couldn't believe how much your looks have changed. No more chubby baby face, or nose that is too big for your face... you are a little boy now. You have one of the funniest personalities. You love to play jokes; like hiding from me and your Dad so you can jump out and scare us, or fake sleeping so you can scare us, or starting an impromptu tickle fight. You are always on the go go go! I am so tired all the time from chasing you everywhere, and cleaning up after your MANY shenanigans. This last week you managed to; pour half a bottle of dish soap all over the carpet, couches, and your brother (and not a little bottle, a giant one from Costco), trash my room and dresser drawers more than once, lose my keys (found later in the fridge), destroy my make-up, and just this morning you dumped syrup all over the couches and the carpet (we really need to invest in a carpet cleaner). I know you don't mean to do all the naughty things, you are just so very curious...and too brave and willful for your own good. Some days I do get so tired of yelling at you to "please stop" over and over.
No matter how many messes you make, or how much trouble you cause... I wouldn't change you for anything. You make life worth living, and fun. I love all the words you are saying now (at least 50, if not more). I love that you call flour tortillas, one of your favorite snacks, circles. And I love how much you LOVE shapes and numbers. I love watching how excited you get when you meet new people, and try to make friends. I love listening to you sing along (or try) to your favorite songs. I love how curious you are with my camera, and watching you take pictures of things (well mostly just watching everyone in the view finder). I love that when I try to punish you, you ask me if I am ok and give me a hug (reassuring yourself that we are still BFFs).
You are turning 3 soon, and I can hardly believe it.... it is just a few weeks away. I wonder how you feel about all of this. Do you feel three years old? I wish you could tell me what you are thinking... I wish I could know what is going on inside that little head of yours.

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Laura said...

I miss the Tuna so so much! I can't wait to come visit you guys.....well I hope we get to please please pray for it!!