January 12, 2010

My Little Harry

You are growing so fast, and so BIG. We can't keep you in any clothes, they are always too small or too tight... or too long, because they are your brothers. You are still so quiet, unless you are hungry or really tired. You haven't really started saying any words yet, but sometimes I do think I hear you say Mama. You love to just snuggle with your WallE blanket and your pacifier, and watch your favorite shows. You are happy and content to play with your favorite toys, or waddle around outside collecting leaves and twigs. I wish I could figure out your little leaf and stick fetish. You get so excited when you find the perfect stick; you bend it, poke at it, taste it, and collect them in your room. You love it when Daddy comes home, and when it is time to run around outside. You love chicken nuggets and pretzels. You beg me for pretzels all day long, bringing me the bag over and over again. You have such a sweet spirit about you.
I feel like there is so much I don't know about you. You are so different from the way your brother was at this age. I am really looking forward to the one on one time we will get to spend together in the next couple months, when you brother starts preschool. We really do love you so much Harry. I know sometimes it may seem like Clark gets everything, all the attention, all the toys, all the best candy... but our life and family would not be complete without you. I don't know what I would do without your slobbery little head-butts (that I pretend are kisses) or your warm snuggles. You are the best baby boy a Mommy could ask for.


Emma and Cody said...

Poor Harry I didn't know Clark was getting all the good candy too! I love how fat he is and his little face looks so grown up!

Becca said...

Slobbery head butts are totally kisses!

And I LOVE THAT PICTURE! He is looking so grown up all the sudden.

Anonymous said...

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