January 10, 2010


Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman


This is the second book I have read by Neil Gaiman, and just like the first (Stardust) I enjoyed it very much. Once again I was swept away into another world, albeit a slightly dark and twisted world, filled with action, mystery, sarcasm, and yes even a little romance. I love his imagination and creativity.

After coming to the rescue of a strange wounded girl, named Door, Richard is unable to get back to his normal life. Literaly unable, no one can see him, or even remember who he is. Richard goes underground, to London Below, on a quest to get his old life back. London Below is a very different world from our own, filled with floating markets, strange creatures, and talking rats. There he finds Door (and her friends and enemies) and together they attempt to avenge the death of Door's family and find a way to get Richard back home, and his life back to normal.

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