January 20, 2010

Jason and his one true love...

Fast Food!
Jaosn is a junk-food-aholic. Seriously, he eats all day long, massive amounts of food. Its no wonder I have gotten plumpier the longer I have known him. He can eat an entire combo meal (biggie sized) with a shake, finish off my food, and still be ready for seconds in just another hour. Gah! He has already gotten Clark so addicted to McDonald's that he starts to hyperventilate every time we pass one (Clark, not Jason...ok sometimes Jason too). I am the ONLY person in our house that eats vegetables, no kidding.
How is it possible that he is still cute, even while he is stuffing his face?? That has got to be true love... on all sides.


Rachael said...

Haha! Man that is such a Bosko thing. Me and Kara love us some fast food. I wish I had gotten Jay's metabolism. Lucky bastard stays thin adding a shake to his biggy sized meal? UNFAIR!

Is that a Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich?

michaela said...

I love that I can see you in his glasses!

Laura said...

I think I just throw up a little!!

Anonymous said...

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