January 04, 2010

A Really BIG Accomplishment

We got to church ON TIME today. This never happens, ever. We got there on time, and we even sat ALL through sacrament meeting. The ENTIRE family, all four of us! Again this has never happened before. Typically one of us is always out chasing Clark around, who is too noisy and hyper to sit anywhere. It has been so hard in the past, to sit with Clark during church, that I can count the times we went to sacrament meeting last year (three, only three times). We would always go to church, almost every Sunday, we were just really really late. But we did it today, as a family, the entire time, no fits, no crying (not even from Jason), and on time to boot! It has to be some sort of miracle. I am so proud of us. It is the first time that we have gone to all three hours of church, as a family.
You might be asking yourself, how did she ever manage to get Clark to sit still. Well, I let him play my Nintendo DS. He has no idea what he is doing, he just pushes the buttons and bangs on the screen a lot, but it kept him still and quiet. Probably not the best toy to bring to church, but I could care less...he was there and quiet and happy. I consider that quite successful. I am a very happy Mommy tonight.


Becca said...

Kids listen and hear sermons better if they are playing games, or coloring, or 'reading' or doing whatever instead of sitting there staring at the front of the church and 'listening'. Congrats on making it on time, sounds like it was something bugging you. :)

JethRobyn said...


THE ROGERS said...

Now just don't let him play with it during the week, so on sunday he will still think it is still fun;)It helps to be in the soft seats, and keep them contained! We are late often too, but on time yesterday:)

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