January 15, 2010

I want to start Flashback Fridays again so....

Me all chubby and with child, Clark ;)
This was taken about four days before Clark was born, Feb.11, 2007. We would go down to Kailua Beach every night/day to walk and swim. I was trying to walk him right out of me! I was TIRED of being pregnant, and I wanted to meet this strange little boy who kept me up all night kicking me (actually he still does, ha ha). It was such a great time for me and Jason; walking up and down the beach talking about the little boy we would soon meet, what kind of parents we wanted to be, how our life was about to change, and how so very excited we were. I loved being pregnant (after I got past the morning SICKness part) the anticipation and excitement, the planning, feeling the little baby kicking and moving around inside of me, having a GREAT reason to be plumpy and eat a little something extra if I wanted :) And I love being a Mom now (after I get past the sick kids part) the anticipation and excitement of them learning something new, the snuggles and tickle fights, the slobbery kisses and games we get to play. It is A LOT of work, A LOT... but I do love and cherish every minute of it.

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Rachael said...

What a cute pregnant Belly! I love it! It makes me miss being pregnant. Even though pregnancy is horrible. Maybe next month I will be knocked up and hating life?