January 29, 2010

We got our orders!

I am pretty excited about our new post. It was our second choice, and although I am still mourning the loss of not being able to live in Port Angeles WA, I think Northern California with be a great fit for us. McKinleyville is right on the coast, so we will still have our beaches, albeit very different and probably A LOT colder beaches. McKinleyville is also very close to the Oregon border, and even closer to the Redwood National Park. There will be so much to see and do. We will only be a 5 hour drive from San Francisco, and a 18 hour drive home to Utah (yay, no more 6 hour plane rides!).

Although it is going to be so hard to leave Hawaii, heart breaking really. I am looking forward to the change. A bigger house and yard for the boys hopefully (fingers crossed), new friends, new church ward, and MY OWN CAR (Jason promised)!! It is hard to move, stressful, sad, scary, but also really exciting. I love to travel, and see new things. I am looking forward to sharing this move with the boys, and having a nice family road trip.

5 more months in Hawaii, gah even saying that out loud hurt a little.


Andrea said...

cali beaches are cold even in the summer, agh. im sure it will be beautiful though.

Emma and Cody said...

I am sorry but, 6 hr plane rides sound soooo much better than 18 hr car rides! Not to mention warm verses a cold beach. But I am excited you will be a little closer!

Laura said...

I agree with Emma I would rather fly for 6 hours then drive for 18 but I will be happy when you are finally back in america and we can see you more!!

michaela said...

Talk about inspired! We were planning a trip to the red wood Forrest this summer! This is very much divine intervention to get me to see one of my oldest ( in friendship years) friends!