December 31, 2010

Our Happy Christmas 2010!

You want to know one of the things I love the most about Christmas morning in our house...
Jason always gets up first.  He is so excited.  Not for his presents, but to see me open mine, and the boys open theirs.  He has always been that way, such a good gift giver, so into the giving spirit.  It makes me so happy, and it is really sweet.  Clark woke up happy, and asked immediately where Santa was, I don't think he realized that Santa was going to bring presents too... he was in for a big surprise.
Harry was a little grumpy at first... but once he got his milkies and opened his special Christmas pretzels, he was a happy baby.  We couldn't get him to open any of the presents, but he enjoyed the festivities anyway.
Clark was so into opening presents this year, he tore through all of his so fast, and since Harry didn't care one bit about opening his, we just let Clark open them all.
After every gift Clark opened he would ohhh and ahhh, genuinely thrilled about what was inside.
The Keepsake Chest, Jason made me.
Jason made me this really sweet Keepsake Chest, it was such a thoughtful gift, and I really really love it.
He and Clark worked on it for weeks, and Jay even took a few pictures of Clark staining it.
I am surprised I never guessed what he was doing all this time.
Now I just need to figure out what I am going to put in it...
Clark was SUPER thrilled when he opened his new Star Wars video game, 
I think it was his favorite gift.
He was hugging it, and jumping up and down, mumbling something excitedly about R2D2 and robots.
After all the gifts were opened, Harry kicked back and did some reading.
He examined all the dvds, and read the little books we got him (which he loved).
Clark's present to me, he wrapped it himself.
This is the cute little present Clark got, and wrapped for me.  So sweet!   Jason promised he wrapped it all by himself.  It was a new Harry Potter Lego game, for our Wii.  I can honestly say Clark was more excited to play it than I was, I think it is his favorite game... after Mario and Star Wars of-course.
Jason also got me a bubble machine for Christmas too, which the boys LOVED.
Harry could sit and watch the bubbles for hours.  It is such a fun idea, and I can't wait to show my nursery kids at church (which is why Jay said he got it for me).
We had our delicious Christmas breakfast, with lots of bacon and hash browns.  We played video games and watched movies all day...the boys and I loved Despicable Me.  We snuggled on the couch, in our pajamas.  We played Star Wars, and trains, and with Daddies new remote control helicopter.  
We had a fun day!  My favorite kind of day. 
Sleepy Baby
Sweet little Harry fell asleep a little early, so tired from his busy day.
We didn't even have time to wipe the chocolate off his face before he passed out.
Our White Christmas!
And as a last Christmas surprise, it started snowing!!!  We got our white Christmas after all!  I was/am so so happy.  A perfect ending to a perfect day, I love the snow.
I hope all of you, my dear family and friends, had a special and fun Christmas.
Merry Christmas! 


Granny said...

We enjoy your comments and pictures April. Happy New Year to the Bosko family. Love to all.

Granny said...

Happy New year