December 07, 2010


When Carol and Eddie were here, we went ice skating.
It was so much fun!
Carol and Eddie
Auntie Carol and Uncle Eddie.
Clark, the stud, in his skates.  He looks so big, and old.
Clark did not want to go in the kid's rink, he only wanted to go in the big one.
Jason and Harry
Daddy helping Harry stand, Harry did not like the skates, at all.
He whined the entire time he had them on.
(I think it is cause the skates are so narrow, and he has the widest feet ever.)
Carol and Clark
Clark and Carol practicing in the kid's rink, getting a little help from Uncle Ed.
Auntie Carol and Clark
Clark and Carol, taking a short rest after all their hard effort.
Daddy and HarryDaddy and Harry
Jason and Harry taking a few rounds, around the kiddy rink.  Harry did not like it at all.  Jason said he was like a bag of rocks, just hanging on for the ride.  He was much happier sitting in his stroller and watching everyone else for the rest of the afternoon.
Daddy and ClarkDaddy and Clark
Jason and Clark taking a spin around the big rink.  Clark had a lot of fun, as long as someone was holding onto him.  He wanted to go so fast... but we are all newbies, so he had to suffer along.
Clark has no fear, and is very outgoing,
so I was very surprised that he didn't just try to take off on his own, glad he didn't, but still surprised.
The three of us, trying to skate.
This is what Clark did when no one was holding his hand.  He just grabbed the wall and inched along.
I think it is safe to say that neither of my boys will ever be skating prodigies.
Carol and Eddie
Carol and Eddie sure got the hang of it!
Crash Landing
I fell flat on my stomach (this was after I finally was able to catch my breath and roll over).
 Good thing I have some extra padding to protect my face.
Knocked the wind right out of me, sometimes my ribs still hurt.
Clark and a new friend.Clark and a new friend.
Clark is such a ladies man.  He made some friends, and got this little girl to take him around the rink a couple times.  She was so sweet, and patient, to try to teach and help him.
April and Jason
It was such a fun impromptu family outing, I am glad we got share it with Carol and Eddie.
I am also glad it was a super warm day and we didn't freeze, we hardly even needed sweaters.
I love doing stuff like this, new things, fun things, as a family.

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Ed and Carol Brooks said...

We had so much fun. We are going to go iceskating in Portland when Ed gets back, but it won't be the same wthout you guys!!