December 29, 2010


Dec. 15, 2010
A couple weeks ago Clark's school had a little Christmas party for the kids, and parents.
It was nice to meet the other parents, and kids, and both boys had a great time.
Even Harry, who sometimes has a hard time with crowds and new situations, had a lot of fun.
We even got a surprise visit from Santa!
Hiding from Santa???
Hiding from Santa???
I am not sure why Clark was so shy of Santa, he talks about him constantly,
 and never seems shy or afraid of anything.
It took a lot of coaxing, but we finally got him on Santa's lap.

Clark and Santa
This is his "okay Mom, I am sitting on his lap, are you happy??? and where is my candy" look.
He did manage to whisper to Santa, something about wanting a Star Wars game.

Clark and Santa
He was very very excited when Santa gave him some new cars.  He still calls them his Santa cars.

Harry and Santa
This is as good as it got for Harry.  He had no interest what-so-ever in sitting on some weird guys lap,
especially when there was a room full of toys and treats from him to explore and eat.
I felt bad for this slim little Santa, having to wrestle with 42 pounds of chunky Harry.
Clark so exited to eat his candy cane.  My cute little sugar-aholic.

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