December 11, 2010

Our First SNOW!

December  4, 2010
It's snowing.
Last Saturday night we had our first snow!  I was so surprised.
I knew it occasionally snowed here, but not this early in the year.
Now that I think of it, I did remember thinking the air felt different that day, the feel of snow was in the air.  I should've remembered it, from all my years growing up in Utah.
It didn't stick much, and by the morning it was mostly all gone.
(Which I've heard it typical for this area. It has to be a really big storm for there to be anything really rare and not very often.  All the snow they got last year was a freak thing.)
Our First Snow!
It was still fun to see a little snow on the ground.
We certainly aren't used to it, a BIG BIG change from Hawaii this time of year.
I am not complaining, its just different.

I am really really hoping that this means that maybe we will have a white Christmas.

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Carolina Mountains said...

We got our first snow here too but a lot more of it.