December 16, 2010

Clark's First Day of School... again.

December 13, 2010
Isn't he such a goof ball, I love his big cheesey smile.
He was (and is everyday) so excited to go to school.  
He was rushing me out the door, and very insistent that he was taking the bus, and I was not to drive him in the "ban".
He has a smile to die for.  I love my cute little boy, and I am so proud of him.
As hard as it is to watch my kids grow up and leave the nest, so to speak, it is exciting and freeing at the same time.  I miss Clark when he is at school, and want him to be around me.  I hate not knowing what he is doing every minute of the day.  I want to keep him safe, and protect him from mean kids, scary things, the big bad world outside my front door.  But, I know this is the best thing for him.  The structure and learning of the classroom, and friendships he makes are so helpful for his development.  He learns so much faster and better in this type of environment, way better than I could ever do at home... it's the peer pressure I think.  It has only been a couple days, and I can already see an improvement with his talking, and the way he listens to me.  I am really hoping that being at school will help with his potty training too!
So yea, its hard for me to watch him go everyday...
but its -oh so good- at the same time, good for all of us.
Waiting for the bus!
On the bus.
Leaving on the bus... he loves that his bus has a happy face on it.
He was not afraid to leave me at all, so ready for his next adventure.
I love how confident and independent he is.  So brave, so strong.
I hope and pray he will never loss these qualities.
m&ms and Harry
Do you want to know what Harry was doing while we were outside waiting for the bus?
Spilling the bag of mini M&Ms (I had reserved for baking), and spreading them all over the living room floor.
(Four days later I am still finding mini M&Ms on the floor.)

ps. It was snowing on his first day of school!  He thought is was a special Christmasy treat, just for him.


Granny said...

When Mom's away the Harry will do what he wants too.Ha ha!!

The Quaid's said...

What a difference between his 2 first day of school pics!? One he's barely wearing anything and now he's all bundled up. And by thw way, he gets that cute smile from his mom... that is your smile exactly!