December 20, 2010

Last Night

I dreamt of Hawaii last night.  
It was so vivid.  I swear  I could feel the warm breeze on my skin while I was standing in our old backyard, looking at the bright colors of the trees.  In my dream I was taking people around, giving directions, showing off.  I don't know if I was living there, or if I was vacationing, but it felt so nice and calm.  Seeing the beautiful ocean and hearing the crash of the waves again... I loved it.  
The feeling of home, warm, sunny, breezy, home sweet home.  
I am not saying I don't feel at home here, I do... it is taking time, and it is so different.  
I woke up cold, really cold, and a little sad.  
The novelty of all the cold winter weather here is getting old. 
I miss being warm, and tan, and going to the beach.

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