December 06, 2010

A Week In Our Life November 28- December 4

Jason11-28-10.  Today was such a great day for the Bosko family.  The boys were mostly good in nursery, even Harry sort-of interacted with the other kids, and tried to participate... Which means he didn't actually play WITH them, but he played (or laid on the floor) near them.  Clark and Jason set up some more Christmas lights, and we got to video chat with Nana, Papa, and some family back home.

I noticed Harry has started to do this cute little dancing thing when he hears a song he likes, it almost like he is conducting the music.  I find it adorable, like I do most everything he does.  We got to have dinner with the Strauss family tonight, they were so fun to talk to and joke around with.  Brother Strauss is a historian, and he had Jason dress up in one of his old Civil War re-enactment uniforms... it was pretty cute. Jay sure does have a good face for it, he looks pretty authentic to me.  I really love how included we feel in this ward, and all the great people we are meeting.

(Here is where I don't blog for days, and I forget what is going on, cause I am busy being a Mom, maid, wife (mean wife, if you ask Jason), cook, chauffeur, playmate for the boys. Did I say maid??? I feel like all I do is clean, I am so behind on my reading and TV watching.)

It is already Thursday and I can't believe how fast the week has flown by.  A crazy week for sure.  Harry started his new therapy sessions this week, and they went great.  His speech appointment on Wednesday was particularly awesome. After 20 minutes of work and play Harry said, "bububu" all on his own, and on purpose... for bubbles.  I know it sounds like such a little thing, but for us, and for Harry, this is a big step.  He has so many sounds he makes, almost all the sounds he needs to make real words.  The problem has been him not making any words, for people, objects, feelings, anything.  His therapist said that maybe it is because he can't pay attention long enough to figure out that certain things have certain sounds, and how to put those sounds together.  All I know is I am happy, it is a small start, but a start. Baby steps, now we know that ability is there, we just wait for it to click.
On Monday Harry also had his EEG.  We are happy to report that all is well, much like I thought it would be.  It was such a traumatic thing for our little guy.  We had to get him up so early, after very little sleep (they want the kids sleep deprived) and we couldn't feed him anything.  He was so crabby, hungry and confused.  The procedure it self was hell on earth for Harry.  He hates having his head touched and messed with, HATES IT!  They had to strap him down in a little cocoon thing, and even then he kept on trying to bite the nurse who was touching his head.  I have never seen him so upset in my whole life (well, it was pretty close to that scary time when we tried to cut his hair) he was struggling so much, he is so unbelievably strong.  I felt so helpless, watching him be so scared, I wanted to help him and save him... but he did need the test done, I just wish I could've explained it to him.  I will never forget the way he looked at me, like why wasn't I doing anything to get him out of there, he was betrayed, and sad.  After he was all hooked up, it was much calmer, and all we had to do was wait for him to fall asleep.  They monitor the brain activity while he is sleeping.  It was so hard to wake him up after the test, knowing how tired he was, and knowing we were just going to torture him some more taking all the things off his head.  The pictures above were after the test, his hair was so crazy from the gel stuff they used to make the electrode thingys stick.  He looks like a mad scientist, and sad-mad scientist.  I think his feelings were hurt for a while, and all I could do to console him was give him pretzels and let him watch Walle.  I'm so glad this day is over.

We had play group again on Wednesday, and once again we held it at our house.  Clark loves it so much.  Now, if i could just get him to listen to me when his friends are here, and NOT be such a show off, it would be great.  We also went to go buy a new Christmas tree, since we had to throw out our old one when we left Hawaii.  Its just a little one for now, but maybe we can move up to a bigger one next year.  Clark loves seeing all the Christmas lights, as we drive through town.  Every time we pass a decorated house he says, "oh lights" over and over, and we have to say it too, without faking enthusiasm, he some how knows when we fake it.  He is also going over board with all the ho ho shows, as he likes to call them, he loves watching Christmas cartoons and movies.

Clark singing with the primary.Clark
On Friday night we had our ward Christmas party. It was fun to have a nice dinner with all our new friends.  Clark was so happy to see his friend Porter, or as he likes to call him Horter.  I love that Clark has his very own friend, and I love how he asks for him all the time.  After a rowdy dinner (my kids never want to sit and eat, I need to start bringing duct tape with me everywhere) there was a little presentation.  Clark is still in nursery class, and too young to go to primary, but that didn't stop him from going up with all the other little kids during the primary part of the presentation (he wanted to be just like Porter).  He was a little nervous at first, because everyone was watching him, and he didn't know the song they were singing, but he warmed up and gave me a few small smiles.  I am so proud of my little guy, making new friends, not being afraid to try new things.... such a good example to me.  I can't believe how fast he is growing up.  (ps. Can I just say, this was the first church Christmas party I have been to, in my long life, that didn't have a Santa come for the kids.  Even in my parents ward, where they do a Christmas breakfast, Santa always comes.  I am glad Clark didn't notice, he is still to young to care too much about Santa.)

Saturday night, it started SNOWING!  It wasn't very heavy, and hardly any stuck, but it was snowing.  I was (and am) so excited.  I hope we at least get one decent snow this season, enough to build a snowman or two.  The kids couldn't have cared less for the snow, I don't think it was enough for them to really get what was going on... maybe next time :)

Good news for Harry. He is starting to sleep in his bed so much better. I still have to wait until he is drowsy to put him to bed, but he doesn't cry in the dark anymore, and he doesn't get out of bed one thousand times every night. Also, I have cut his milk drinking in half, probably even more than half. He only gets 2 1/2 cups a day. (I know you are thinking that is a ton already, but he was probably getting that much before bed time, not counting what he drank during the day.) Hopefully it will help with his eating, as in- he will start actually eating more food than pretzels, and I can already see a difference in the amount of diapers I am changing, and he has had a dry bed for 4 nights (!) in a row, yay Harry.

We had a bit of a stressful weekend. Debating, arguing, pondering, making long pros and cons list, fasting and praying... trying to decide whether Jay is going to take this new school the Coast Guard is offering. He wants to do the school, and thinks it will help him in his overall career.  However, it starts in March (4 months!!!) and we aren't sure if we can go as a family (its a year long school) or if we are ready and willing to leave VA Beach so soon. I am worried about Harry's therapy and classes that we just got started, and getting Clark in school. And honestly, we just started really liking it here, and making friends.  The good thing is, it's in Texas, close to Jason's sister and much closer to home. Time will tell, the information is changing (since it is still so new)....but we may just be moving, again.  I will let you know, as soon as I do.

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