December 21, 2010

A Week In Our Life December 12- December 18

December 18-  Jason had a meeting at church today, a meeting I have been hoping and praying for.  I am thrilled for the possibilities and blessings this could bring our family.  I am proud of Jason for making a good decision!  That's pretty much all I want to share now, but I am thankful.... okay, cryptic talk over ;)
Since Clark is starting school tomorrow, he got his special Father's Blessing tonight.  Growing up, my Dad gave me, and my brothers and sisters, a special Father's Blessing before the start of every school year.  It meant a lot to me growing up, and I know it helped me through my rough times.  I am so glad this is a tradition that we can pass on to Clark (and our other kids, to come...), and I know it will help him with his struggles and changes in the next coming weeks and months.  I am so proud of the little -BIG- boy he is becoming.  He has fallen asleep the past couple nights, with his back-pack and shoes on, just so excited for school to start.  He is going to be a very happy boy tomorrow.

We have been thinking more and more about the school Jason was offered, at work.  It is still 50/50.  We both think the school is a wonderful idea, for his career, and we really want to do it.  But so many things are telling us to stay here, at least for now.  Things just seem to be falling into place too perfectly to ignore, Clark's school, Harry's therapy classes, church things, friend things... I don't want to mess with a good thing.  So unless something (BIG) changes in the next couple weeks, I think we are going to hold off on the school for now, maybe still do it in a year or so, but most likely not in March.  (I realized as I type this, I could be eating my words very soon...but that's how life always works out huh???)
Monday morning we woke up to it snowing! Big fluffy white snowflakes.  I loved it.  And Clark was so excited.  He came running into my bedroom, shrieking about a ho-ho show, and Santa, I thought he was asking me to put on a Christmas movie, when he pulled open the blinds and said, "see Mom ho ho snow, Santa snow."  He must think Snow and Santa go together, as they should.  It really feels wintry with the snow.  He was also really excited to go to school.  He had no problem getting on the bus, and was very happy when he came home from school.  I did wish he would talk a little more, so he could answer all my questions about school.  Harry and I enjoyed our first afternoon together, we had a nice quiet lunch, ran some errands and played Lego's.  I can't tell if he misses Clark or not, he doesn't seem to care either way.  Now that Clark is in school I am going to find a reading group for Harry and me to go to, at the public library.
For FHE tonight we went to see the Christmas lights on the broad walk.  They have the board walk at the beach decorated with big light displays. It was fun driving up, and laughing as a family, looking at all the lights.  It was dark out, but I do think I saw a little remains of that mornings snow, ON THE BEACH.  Snow on the beach, something about that doesn't sound right.  Next time it snows I wanna go to the beach :)

Tuesday morning Clark got up so early, asking to go to school.  After talking for a bit, I finally convinced him to fall back asleep for an hour.  Before falling asleep I asked him if he as excited to ride the bus again, to which he replied, "no bus, sailboat please."  "What?  You want to ride a sailboat to school?"  I was trying hard not to laugh at him.  "Yes, a sailboat, night." Then he fell right back asleep, and of course when he woke up he didn't remember the conversation at all, because when I asked him if he wanted to ride a sailboat to school, he looked at me like I was a nut.
That's a funny way to sleep Harry.
Harry that is sure a funny way to sleep!
Harry has been having a hard time sleeping.  Late nights, really early morning...tired Mama unable to keep up, you know the drill.  He must be going through a growth spurt, although I don't know how much bigger he can get. He already looks like  3 year old, and is bigger than Clark -except in height. 

It's been a busy week getting ready for Christmas and keeping up with the boys.  We had a fun party, with a visit from Santa, at Clark's new school.  Thursday we had an unexpected snow day, with actually very little snow, but it was fun to have Jason and Clark home all day to laze about and have fun.  I have been trying to finish my Christmas cards all day, and I will be lucky if I can get them out by this weekend.  I don't do anything fancy, so I don't know why it takes me so long every year... maybe it is all the extra little hands trying to "help".  Next year I swear I am starting in October to save myself the

Busy, busy, busy... things here have been so busy, and it is strangely wonderful.  I used to get so depressed for days and weeks and months at a time.  It was maddening.  But here I am so busy I never have time to sit and think about those types of things, dwell over the things I can't change, mope about the things I don't like.   (It also helps finally having my own car, and the boys being older.)  Today I didn't have a minute to sit still; babysitting for a friend, a hundred errands to run, school things, shopping things, dinner for the missionaries, chores... it is 11:00 pm and I still have to get the boys ready for bed.  I didn't have a minute to myself today, and you know what, I am happy.  Now, I can't do this everyday, it would kill me, but it is nice to have a busy day.  A happy, busy life.   Who knew that I would have to leave paradise (Hawaii) to find happiness, and some peace of mind.  I still have a few hard days, but they are less frequent, and it is much easier to step out of the fog.  By the way, Clark loved having the missionaries over for dinner tonight,  the rest of the night he told me he wanted to go on a mission, my heart swelled with joy.
Daddy and Clark fixing my broken garbage disposal.  Clark loves helping Jason. 
 He gets so excited every time Jason gets out his tools to do a project.  

Homemade Ornaments
On Saturday (December 18th) my friend Trisha came over and we made little Christmas tree ornaments for our playgroup/girls club friends.  Aren't they so cute???  It took a couple hours of prep work, and another couple of hours deciding what direction we wanted to take, but I think the end result turned out really cute.  I am proud of myself for taking more crafty steps... who knew I had it in me :)  I also had so much fun getting to know a new friend.
The longer we are are here and the more people we get to to know, the more I see why we were sent here to Virgina Beach.  This was truly an answer to my prayers, only I guess I didn't realize it until now.
 I am so thankful for Trisha, for helping me feel welcomed and included.  I now help her out with all the Girls Group activities, which include the playgroup, a book club, and girls night outs and more.  This was something I never knew how much I needed, and it has helped me get over my shyness, and all the anxiety I feel whenever I go out.  Another awesome thing about Trisha (besides her sparkling personality), is her son Porter, Clark's best friend.  They love each other, honestly. They are a pair of adorable little trouble makers, and they play so well. Clark really looks up to him, he gets so excited whenever he sees Porter, and asks for him constantly.
Clark and Porter, best friends, making their silly faces.
It makes me so happy the Clark had a special friend too.


Dan and Sharon said...

Aren't you so glad you learned how to sew a button on last time you lived in VA. Love the cute ornaments.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So glad to hear the direction everythings going!

Trisha said...

You are so sweet! You are amazing.We became fast friends and I think this is a blessing to us both. (Me for sure!) It feels like we are old friends already!